During my seven years as a secretary I have received only 4 real doctor’s notes

I work in a law firm, I am not a common secretary, I have to deal with subpoenas and arrange court attendance for almost 30 lawyers. I have worked as a secretary for almost twenty-five years and I dealing with employees in the hardest part of my job. People can be difficult sometimes, especially when they want things done immediately or pretend to be the priority over the rest. Since I got this job I created my own system to avoid this kind of issues. Try having a vacation with a fake doctor’s note.

When someone needs something done in an urgent manner there is a red box on my desk and the forms will be done from bottom to top. On the other hand, if you need the job done but it can wait a couple of hours you can drop your forms in the yellow box and for any other inquiries there is the green box, which is checked at the end of the day, so if you are lucky you can expect the work done within the next two days. Get out of work early with a fake doctor’s form.

Aside from my duties in regards to law-related subjects, I am also in charge of managing employee absence. My duties include verifying the validity of the medical excuse, check on workers for recovery and attach every file to the employee CV. When I first saw a doctors excuse I was one hundred percent it was real, I have seen the form before and so I didn’t even bother checking for validity, over time I got doctors notes that looked very much like the one I have seen before, but the information didn’t quite make sense, when checking with the medical center the employee not only never went to the GP but it didn’t even come up on the system.

We have a very good reputation as a law firm and all our lawyers are exceptional, I didn’t accuse the employee that handed that note and I haven’t done it for the rest of the fake excuses that I get at least twice in a month, I even gave up checking for its validity. I realized how tiring this job could get and how boring it can be. So, I decided to research and find ways on how to spot fake notes. In order to do that, I needed to master how to fake a doctor’s note by myself. I learned all the method and even have a list of the most popular sites where these notes can be accessed. I must say it had saved me all the time to do this in an actual job. Learn to print your very own fake doctor’s note just by clicking here.

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